I’m quite disappointed. I had hoped that almost being run over a bus would have been a life-changing, “I could have died but God kept me alive for a reason”, ephipanical, reach for the stars moment in my life in which everything would change from my outlook through to my attitude.

But no. It didn’t. I just saw the humour in it and carried on.

What happened?

I was walking from the tram station to the store to grab some breakfast before work. Eager to cross the road, I stepped out when I thought it was clear but sadly I misjudged the bus’ manoeuvre and the back wheel drove over my shoe, catching my big toe. The side of the bus also bumped me a little.

I winced in pain, and for a slight half-second panic overcame me and I could feel the blood rushing to my face. I looked down and everything was fine. I carried on walking as if nothing had happened, but in a slight daze. When I reached the other side I stopped and thought, maybe it’s a delayed reaction and my foot will fall out in a second. Should I carry on to the store? Should I go to Starbucks where my friends will be able to help me? Should I call my dad? Should I just go to work? Should I ask for help from the hundreds of robots around me, rushing to get to work and oblivious to what had just happened? Starbucks won. I walked towards it,with my toe throbbing, legs shaking and a huge uncontrollable grin on my face. I had just got run over by a bus, kind of.

I sat outside for a minute to quickly inspect my foot. No blood. Good. No bruising. Slay. No obvious signs of distress. I win.

Sadly my girls weren’t working so I couldn’t beg for sympathy. Instead I ordered my Americano and trotted off to work.

You would think that the bus almost killing me would have knocked some sense into me and made me change my ways but no. I’m still the same old moo that I’ve been for a while. Or maybe I’ve developed a “Shit happens” persona as of late. Because shit does happen and we can’t let it define us. We can’t let our happenings affect our happiness. Maybe I’m stronger than I thought and I need to just believe that for myself.


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