Don’t take it personal…

I don’t want to do anything right now. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to see anyone. I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t want to be in anyone’s presence nor do I want my presence frustratingly invaded.

My best friend is forcing a meet today and I’m thinking to myself, girl, I don’t even like you right now. Like really? What are we going to talk about? You and that imperious man you’re dating? You and your travels? You and your work? I have nothing to share, that’s for sure. So, what’s the point?

It’s just one of them days, or weeks rather, where I just want to be on my own and chill the fuck out. Sit in bed and watch some movies whilst eating some chocolate. Who doesn’t want that? Like can everybody go away?

They’re trying to convince me to go out with them. They’re going to paint-balling or whatever. Paint-balling? Really? You want me to run around in some arena with a gun in my hand shooting balls of paint at people with people I don’t speak to unless it’s a family wedding, when I can be walking around town taking part in retail therapy, have a kiki with a date over a thirst quenching Long Island Ice Tea and get laid?

And can we talk about my co-worker for a minute? I know I’m told I excessively shower and to think about Africa and their lack of water when I take my long warm 30-minute therapeutic, evangelical, daily baptism to wash away my daily sins and troubles…but would it kill a brother to bathe at least once a month? Ch, I have to keep a bottle of cologne and air freshener on my desk at work just because of him.



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