Bitch, please…

Slightly fed up of the grown ass adults I live with. I’m exhausted from the running around trying to keep the house in order.

I had a holiday to Amsterdam booked but my sister text me asking me if I could pick her nephew up from school whilst my parents are away, as my younger sister-in-law had thrown a hissy fit that day saying she needs 24 hour notices etc. The gag is that the s-i-l doesn’t work, has no responsibility or prior engagements so she doesn’t really need notice because she does fuck all. The rest of us work and have shit to do. So my sister didn’t ask her and asked me direct since I’m reliable. This meant I had to cancel my holiday that I spent months saving up for.

What’s annoying is the day before I was supposed to go, she said “Oh I’ll pick him up” and I said no I’ve cancelled my holiday for this so I’ll do it now. Then her husband, my lame brother, said the same; that he’d pick him up. I said no.

Now I don’t mind picking up my nephew, I love him. But I’m having to leave work early for this. When I leave work, my work stays there. No one else touches it. But if my sibling leaves work (we work at the same place), he knows his work will be done. So my work just builds up and I’m left late and behind schedule. Subsequently, on top of leaving work early, and carpooling, I’m having to also make dinner for 5 grown ass adults as if I birthed them or something. To think I’m the youngest sibling (other than the pampered princess that is my younger s-i-l).


They’re just completely pathetic. I’m so tired of having to cancel and bend over backwards for people. But despite me having issues with my sister I have to do it for her because she has no one else. It’s a shame my brothers don’t think the same way – fucking useless eejits.

Yesterday, I picked my nephew up and then went to buy some ingredients for dinner. I started cooking with my elder s-i-l who has 2 kids and is exhausted herself. We made lasagne and garlic bread. Anyway, we were slaving away for an hour and the younger s-i-l came home from shopping and says “ooooo what’s for dinner?”

Really, bitch? You’re not going to even try to help us make it? Mollycoddled ass bitch.


I was really looking forward to going away. I need a break so much and it would have been the perfect therapy for me. A week away from drama and work. I think the cancellation is what’s sent my depression into overdrive and I don’t know what to do to sort it out.

It sounds trivial to y’all but it’s just another example of me sacrificing for someone else when I know no one would do the same for me. I’m just over it. When my parents come back I really feel like disappearing.



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