It’s not a new leaf – it’s a new tree

Wow has so much changed in my life or what? I feel so blessed. But before we get into that I need to rant.

Now sis, you asked if you could do something and I said no and you did it anyway. That’s not the first time and it’s becoming a pattern. I feel like if you’re not going to listen what’s the point? If I ask you, earnestly, not to do something then as a friend you should listen, surely? And if you do it anyway are you feeling your pussy too much and feeling comfy thinking I won’t check you? Because I am going to come for you – don’t take my silence as permission to do what you want. I love you but that doesn’t mean you go beyond the limits. And that’s not just towards my BFF but to anyone close to me.

Anyway, back to my blessings.

I feel SO blessed, sanctified and consecrated. It’s like every Through the Rain/Make It Happen/things will get better/just hold on/be strong type song I’ve ever held on to and wondered if it was true, has finally come true for me.

I’ve secured myself a new job! After seven years of tormenting myself, self-doubting, depression and self-destructive thinking I’ve made it through the rain and made it happen. I’ve caught a new break that could potentially lead me on to better and bigger things. I just can’t express how I feel. TO think a few years ago I was ready to end it and now I’m here moving on to better and brighter things.

I just get choked up every time I think of where I was and where I’m going right now.


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