Welcome to my page. I can’t even know what to say. Blogs have come and blogs have gone like the seasons that constantly change. But one thing that never changes is my need to vent about the roller-coaster of life.

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I’ve tried blogging several times before but then I would become too busy and forget about it. I then tried to write in a physical journal, which I enjoyed but it ended up becoming a chore. We’re so used to typing that handwritten has somewhat become a relic of the past. I just can’t do it without my hand cramping up. Plus, because it takes longer, I realised that I wasn’t venting as much as I wanted to.

So Jasmine’s Sofa is hopefully going to be the remedy of all that. Join me (or don’t) as I write about myself and all that I go through. This blog is for me, first and foremost. If you find solace in it, then that would be pretty fucking awesome. Don’t be afraid to share and comment.



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